Animal HealthTrust musste aufgeben


    Nach 75 Jahren Forschung musste der Trust auf Ende Juli Konkurs melden. Corona hat die finanziellen Reserven aufgefressen. :(

    Der Trust hat eine unvorstellbar grosse, komplette DNA Sammlung von vielen Hunderassen. Wichtig für die Entwicklung von DNA Test. Sie waren hoch erfolgreich in der Krebsforschung.

    „If the Animal Health Trust closes, the world loses an irreplaceable and vital tool for keeping our animals healthy and protected.

    The loss of the charity will affect some important areas of research.

    Its disease surveillance work with horses around the world has been extensive. The charity says no-one else is doing this work, including global reporting through the International Collating Centre, reporting to, and for, the British agriculture agency Defra, and providing advice to the expert surveillance panel.

    It has virus and bacteria isolates dating back 50 years, and holds DNA samples for every registered Thoroughbred in Britain.

    It is also home to Britain’s largest canine genome bank, which holds the entire genomes of 89 dogs from 77 different breeds. This resource is important to dog health. Without it, the process to develop DNA tests to tackle cruel inherited diseases slows, causing a massive impact on the health of generations of dogs.

    It has also done world-leading work in the use of HDR brachytherapy in horses, to treat sarcoids and other tumours around the eye.

    It is also the only British charity with a dedicated research programme tackling cancer in dogs.„…lth-trust-to-close-718828

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